MyStockMarketplace is a simple and easy to use platform to fully administer liquidity programs electronically, including tender offers and share buybacks. The platform allows eligible holders of employer stock and stock options to tender their holdings for sale.

Participant Experience:

  • Easy and secure set-up / login procedure
  • Personalized web-page displaying individual’s eligible shares and options, maximum shares, tax basis
  • Integrated value calculator (total purchase price, total exercise price, total gains)
  • Intuitive navigation, election submission, sign documents, and email confirmation
  • Easy to access document repository
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Administrative Capabilities:

  • Export reports to Excel
    • Employee elections and spousal consents
    • User activity including logins, elections, confirmations, and resource access
  • Targeted communication
    • Pre-load and schedule reminder emails
    • Target specific populations or individuals
  • Snapshot of program statistics, including registrations, elections and summary of purchase price, exercise price & shares sold

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